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There’s no wrong time to make the right decision” – Dalton McGuinty

My Story

Candle-making for me began after enrolling on a course with a local luxury candlemaker. I immediately found I loved the whole process from measuring the wax, gently stirring and melting it, adding fragrance and finally enjoying the finished product!


It became a consuming hobby for me. I researched various types of wax, wicks and dabbled with various scents, filling the house with gorgeous scents and making candles as gifts. I was given Jo’s advanced candle-making course as a 60th birthday present. This cemented my candle obsession and I developed a passion for testing wax, finding the right wick, how much fragrance to use etc.


While emerging from Covid 19, I made the decision to leave paid employment after 43 years. This was now my opportunity to pursue something that made me happy. It took quite some time to finally take the plunge. However, after much soul searching and support from my family, I took the leap and embarked on a further course with Jo Macfarlane which provided a one-stop site to dip in and out of and gave all the information I required to commence this venture. It has been a long, sometimes lonely passage, with its fair share of highs and lows.


I have challenged myself and found that some things I can do well and others not so well. Knowing my own limitations has allowed me to grow, knowing sometimes you need to ask for help from those who DO know how to do the things I can’t. So, thank you Jo at Jo Macfarlane, Larisa at Media Bloom, Lynsey at Lynsey Melville Photography and John Murray Digital Creator, whose help and insight have been invaluable and inspirational. I know I have made the right decision.


Enjoy the process of lighting your candle, and gently placing it.


Unwind and savour the moment!

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